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18 October 2012

A Friend

Alhamdullilah. All praises to Allah as He had given this oppurtunity to me. There's no strength and help except from Him and thank to Him too for giving me a chance to be a friend of yours. Actually, there's something I wanna share with you. It's a kind of feeling. I was called by Him to write this, to remind me, myself and you. I guess that's what a friend should do, isn't it? To have you as a friend, it's such a gift from the Almighty, as He knows we can't live alone in this world. As He knows we can't bear the obstacles alone, and as He knows we need someone to express our feelings, that's why he created friends for us.

For us, to be sharing and caring and for us to be missing and loving. We failed to deny those feelings, but also we need to fight over that feelings. May it bring kindness to us, not bring us close with the devil. Nauzubillah. Al-Adl as He created us, full of weaknesses, also created al-Quran as Sunnah for us. To guide us in this world, to make us stand still, comes hell or water. As I can't see you or meet you and talk to you, the only thing that I can do is to pray for. Whenever I think of you, and I'm sure you did the same too.

A true friend is hard to find as it is one in a million. Be my friend here and hereafter. Friends till Jannah." For the sake of time, humans are lost, except for those who have the faith, and their good deeds. Remind each other about the truth and patience."  May Allah bless :)

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